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NIM : 7113141014
Jenjang : S1
Program Studi : Pendidikan Ekonomi
Perguruan Tinggi : Universitas Negeri Medan

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Database infrastructures are an essential component of an enterprise and essential for ensuring continuous flow of information throughout the enterprise. Database transactions are essential for lowering the probability of failure within an enterprise database and ensure proper functioning. This report discusses some of the aspects connected with database transactions.

The database of a company is That the storehouse of All of the Very Important information And data of interest to the performance of the firm and is intended to Be utterly confidential and protected against any attack by a cyber criminal. The Options of a database being Negligent and Hacked by Attackers are high since it is accessible to the consumer from everywhere. Therefore it becomes the Leading Responsibility of an administrator to protect Your Database by continuously monitoring the functions and try to find any Loophole which will benefit from the attacker.

ethel gonzalez
I'm a Database Administrator. A database Administrator (DBA) is also accountable for the operation, integrity and safety of a database. They'll also participate in the preparation and evolution of the database, in addition to troubleshooting any problems on behalf of those consumers.